Buying a new drill press - What to look for

Finding the best drill press isn't as easy as one might think. That's because there are simply a lot of different drill press models and styles for different purposes and at different budgets. Drill presses are used for a lot of different tasks, including wood working, and metal working, but also much more that you might not have though of. Because of the different uses for the drill press manufacturers make different models to suit each use. That's where it can get tricky finding the best drill press. Drill presses vary in their size, power and most crucially their price. To help make the decision of which drill press to buy easier for you we have compiled a list of drill press reviews.

The General International benchtop drill press is a well rounded benchtop model that comes at a reasonable price tag considering all of its features. It is a 12 inch drill press, so it's on the larger end as far as bench top models go, it may not be as portable as you like if that's a requirement for you. It has a high tech laser guidance system for drilling accurate holes every time. The speed of the spindle is easily adjustable using the spring tension. The speed can be adjusted from 500 to 3000 RPMs and you can see the current speed displayed on a digital screen. The build quality of this thing is great, all the crucial parts are constructed from cast iron for maximum durability. The motor on this drill press is 1/3 horsepower, so perfectly good for most tasks although certainly not the most powerful drill press on this list.

The JDP 15M benchtop drill press from JET Tools is a good option when you're looking for a versatile drill press that doesn't take up too much space. One notable feature of the JDP 15M is that it has an incredible 16 speed settings all the way from 200 RPM to 3500 RPM. It has a lot more speed settings that most drill presses in this price range which is why it features highly on our list of best drill presses. The work table on this machine can tilt all the way around 45 degrees which is great for those tricky tasks where you need to adjust the table. The motor on this is 3/4 HP, quite powerful compared to say the WEN 4208 but still not powerful enough for some of the more demanding tasks. Another notable feature that this machine has is an adjustable spindle return spring so you can alter the rate at which the drill returns back up after being pushed down to drill. This drill press also has a work light included in the setup which is fantastic for those who do not have adequate lighting in their work shop. Over this benchtop drill press is a great option and is priced reasonably well all things considered.

The powermatic PM2800B is an expensive high end machine. This drill press will probably only appeal to those with a serious budget and industrial scale jobs to do, as this is not cheap at all. Powermatic is well known to produce high quality tools that last a long time. This drill press has adjustable/variable speeds but no changes are needed to alter the speed as it is belt driven. It has a digital display which tell you the speed that the spindle is currently traveling at. This feature is great in industrial applications specifically because you need to drill holes with precision if you're a professional. This drill press has a huge 1 Horse Power motor on it, the most powerful on this list by far. The 1 HP motor can produce enough torque for virtually any job and any material. This drill press is not small, so you will need a good amount of space to put it, as it measures in at 18 inches swing capacity and weighs over 250 pounds. In conclusion this is a great drill press if you're a professional that needs the top of the line tools with no expense speared.


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